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4 months ago
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4 months ago
This particular blog has been going since 2012, so eight years.  I started blogging about this adventure in about 2008 I think, and you can see those original pages by, you guessed it, going to the “About” section, and looking at the old pages.  Somewhere, there’s an old blog still up but inactive. We started […]
5 months ago
This is the story of Perky, a Perkins 4-108 diesel engine who lives inside a Happy Sailing Vessel named Adventure. When Adventure was a few years younger, Perky came to live in Adventure because a previous owner of the Vessel wanted a better engine than was in the boat. Perky was newly rebuilt according to […]
6 months ago
Treating this entry rather like a log book today. Started engine at 0950 local time here in Southport, NC. I did this after diagramming the fuel tanks, the fuel return lines and marking the tanks again (the old markings are fading). I also cleaned the tank tops of dirt and dust, cleaned the floor panels […]
6 months ago
JoAnne and I have been here in Southport going on Three years. Don’t get me wrong, we really LOVE this town. We love the people, we’ve made a million friends. We know almost everyone. But, we also spend last winter in Colorado. And the winter before here on the docks. And this winter is upon […]
6 months ago
We were all set to head out this morning. Relatively calm inside and supposed to be pretty nice out on the ocean. Unfortunately, I didn’t double check my blood pressure medications last week as part of the checks I was going though. On Saturday evening I got a text message from Walgreen’s saying my prescription […]
7 months ago
How do you make and spend money each month as a cruiser or live aboard sailor? The people want to know!
7 months ago
Preparing the boat is an on-going exercise, daily, and weekly. Doing various jobs, as well as testing the systems for a long term cruise are critical. Find out what we did today....
7 months ago
Sea Captain is a rough, tough name.  Because, Sea Captains are rough and tough.  I suppose, I’m rough sometimes, and usually pretty tough.  But, I’m no “Sea Captain”.  I’ve lived aboard Adventure for over four years.  To be honest, I’m not really even a “Captain” or licensed ship’s master (though that might change in the […]
7 months ago
Bimini: Just prior to Hurricane Florence last year, I made an error on leaving my solar panels and bimini in place.  Well, sort of an error.  I knew that the windage would be high and the bimini was mounted under the solar panels, and the posts holding the solar up went THROUGH the bimini.  I […]
7 months ago
Making fresh water from sea or brackish water is turning out to be kind of fun. Our water tank is getting low, so I fired up the water maker. This is only the third time we’ve run it for a good length of time, and figured it was time to make sure things work well. […]
8 months ago
A few days ago, I ran into a man who does canvas work.  He also bends and cuts the steel. Had a chat with him about things, and decided to make some changes. We’ve not been terribly happy with my “makeshift” solar panel mounts because they were made partially of aluminum, on stainless steel (not […]
8 months ago
Well over a year ago I was doing research on water makers – reverse osmosis water makers specifically. I wanted a modular system, and had found one, but the price was about 5-6 thousand dollars. I also researched building my own, and found I didn’t really have the time and money to slap-dash something together, […]
12 months ago
When we came back to the marina, we were happy to see our boat.  We both missed Adventure very much.  Had the bottom cleaned by the local divers, and found out there was a LOT of hard growth on the bottom, where she tends to settle in at low tide. Adventure from SHVM docks (Image […]
13 months ago
Back in September, we had to deal with two life threatening conditions. The first was a possible Category 4 hurricane (Florence) headed straight for us. The second was JoAnne’s CA-125 numbers rising.  The CA-125 is a particular cancer antigen they use to determine if there are ovarian tumors growing in her body.  The previous June […]
17 months ago
Today is also Pearl Harbor Day.  I suppose it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  At least here. I’ve posted on other blogs, facebook, and our FB groups, but not here. So, here’s December’s post. Tonight, we go see our Granddaughter, Cassie, in a play, Death of a Salesman (I think).  High School rendition, so […]
18 months ago
I have already related to you the mess we had with insurance over medical problems. We came back to Colorado, and then after getting that straightened out, we saw JoAnne’s oncologist, and dates were scheduled. As luck, or perhaps fine tuning, would have it, we had a three week hiatus in which to make another […]
19 months ago
limbo noun (1) lim·bo | \ ˈlim-(ˌ)bō  \ plural limbos 1: often capitalized : an abode of souls that are according to Roman Catholic theology barred from heaven because of not having received Christ…
21 months ago
I suppose the idea of cruising in a sailboat (or any boat for that matter) entails travel, seeing new places, meeting new people, having new experiences and generally involves the movement of your …
22 months ago
Bear with me a moment, because I have to introduce why I am posting. I’ve been searching for information about the boat we own, called “Adventure”. She has had three names I’…
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