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2 days ago

After a few days and nights in Stockholm, it was time to move on. One problem, though: our pre-planning had ended with reaching the capital of Sweden, so now we had no idea where to go. After having looked at all the charts and flipped through the harbor guide for the tenth time, I got […]

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8 days ago

One week and one hundred and seventy miles into our sailing vacation, we had arrived in the capital of Sweden, cool Stockholm. It did feel like an accomplishment of sorts, so with a bit of humble pride in our hearts, we stepped ashore to enjoy the city. Allsång på Skansen Allsång på Skansen (Sing-along at […]

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12 days ago

The Söderarm lighthouse island was a cool touchdown in Sweden. We were all eager to continue toward Stockholm, though, so early next morning, we unhooked ourselves from the pier, set the engine to about 2200 rpm (since no wind), and sailed onwards. They Are Coming For Us! After uneventfully motoring for a couple of hours, […]

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14 days ago

It was a Sunday morning, the last day of our first week of sailing, and we were all ready and set to sail from Mariehamn to Sweden. Ahead of us, our second offshore passage, crossing the Sea of Åland. Everyone Was Fine! No more seasickness for anyone, dog included! Not very much wind either, but […]

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16 days ago

After a couple of nights in Mariehamn, we were ready to move on. But where to? “We could sail to Sweden and Stockholm,” I said to Charlotte. “I’ve never actually been there with a sailboat and it would be cool to go.” “Sure!” Charlotte replied. “And you know what?” she continued, smiling. “You could make […]

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17 days ago

Jellyfish! Lots and lots of small jellyfish next to our boat. I didn’t even know we had those in Finland but we were all very excited to see them. A good sign and a good send off for our next leg to the capital of Åland, Mariehamn. How to Not Get Seasick With lessons learned […]

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18 days ago

Our sailing vacation finally started! It was a cold and cloudy Monday. We left quite late and had only one objective: to get just a bit away from Turku so that it wouldn’t feel like being home anymore. The next day, though, was to be both exciting and— for a few— quite terrible. “Tomorrow, let’s […]

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1 month ago

Half a year ago, I was trying to figure out (among other things) what gas bottle would fit on a Hanse 388. It was a bit challenging since I couldn’t find any measurements for where it’s supposed to be stored. Now I now better, so starting with the gas bottle, and slowly progressing through the […]

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1 month ago

It was Sunday and time to turn back home. We were thirty-five miles from our home harbor and after having done ten-fifteen miles a day the previous days, this was to be our longest sail yet. All in gentle to non-existing downwind. Practice Makes Perfect The Hanse 388 isn’t the hugest of boats, but it’s […]

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1 month ago

Last week we found out that 20+ knots of upwind with one reef in the main and a fully rolled out jib equaled too much sail for our newbie family sailing. Previous experience suggested that reducing sail area by partly furling away the jib wasn’t a good option. But what would have been? I asked […]

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1 month ago

Charlotte and I woke up at about four in the morning to the sunrise and the wind changing. We both looked out the window and gasped. Out on the sky, there was this beautiful rainbow painted onto an equally beautiful archipelago background, all colored with redish morning sunrise. The rainbow seemed to end just about […]

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1 month ago

“Well, this is actually quite a nice place to spend Midsummer!” Charlotte said and smiled at me. We were anchored in a small bay on the north shore of Nagu. Around us a few summer cottages, some gray rocks rising out of the sea, an old deteriorating boatshed, four-meter deep water and a healthy amount […]

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1 month ago

Midsummer is the holiday in June when people flock away from their workplaces and city apartments towards their summer cottages and boats. The weather looked nice so we thought this would be the perfect time to go out sailing, all of us, and see what it would feel like, to spend a few days, as […]

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1 month ago

So, just a few weeks after getting our new boat to Finland, it was up on the ground again. We wanted it to “go all the way to eleven”, and there was just one final push over the cliff (onto land) to make that happen. (If that previous sentence felt partly like nonsense, forgive me, […]

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2 months ago

It looked like the perfect day to try it for the very first time: to go out on a short boat trip with the whole family (including our newly arrived rescue dog from Romania), and see whether it would turn out ok or a disaster. I was pretty exhausted after our delivery from Germany, but […]

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2 months ago

Our first weather reports for our last leg, Visby to Turku, showed 30+ knots of headwind, and that looked so very uncomfortable that we were seriously contemplating plans B and C, and even leaving the boat in Visby for a while. Reality, however, turned out differently. When we plotted our route on PredictWind we were […]

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3 months ago

From Greifswald to Rønne it was about 75 nautical miles, so we were able to that in just one long day (from morning to sunset) of sailing. Our route from Rønne to Visby, on the other hand, was set to be over 200 nm, so that meant sailing overnight as well. Well, Motor Sailing The […]

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3 months ago

The evening before the start of our trip, the four of us— Pirjo, Mia, Ben and I— were having dinner at the local restaurant, right next to the marina. It was a lovely place, filled with great food and happily chatting people (and even Michael Schmidt was there, the founder and previous owner of HanseYachts!). […]

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3 months ago

A while ago Torbjörn (the dealer’s representative) left and now I’m sitting here alone in our boat. I’m drinking some champagne and eating strawberries while writing this. A moment ago I poured a bit of the champagne outside on the bow and said (quite quietly so that only the two of us could hear): “Your […]

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3 months ago

I was standing on the walkway, next to one of the new Hanse yachts in the Greifswald marina, when I saw a man walking in my direction. “Hello!”, I said. “Hello!”, he replied and walked over to me. There was a moment of silence, and he looked at me a bit curiously, as if he […]

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