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3 days ago
Lifestyle skills to prepare you for a totally different way of life, even if it's one you were not prepared for. [More] Building Cruising Skills In a Pandemic
5 days ago
What I do and don't like about cooking with dehydrated meats and veggies after four months of doing so -- plus tips for better results! [More] Using Dehydrated Food
6 days ago
If you're cruising on your boat in a hurricane zone, your insurance company will want to see your hurricane plan. Here's how to create yours from an insurance pro. [More] Making a Hurricane Plan for your Insurer
7 days ago
If you’ve never done it, upgrading your battery bank can be confusing. Learn what you need to make the best choice for your boat.   [More] How to Get the Battery Power You Need
10 days ago
Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable - with inventory that's filled with items I need. It's not just at my local hardware store!  [More] A Love Letter to Jamestown Distributors
11 days ago
Canned meats are great in all sorts of recipes, not just as sandwich fillers. 54 ideas for great meals! [More] Canned Meat Meal Ideas
13 days ago
If you have an open area on your boat, optimize storage with drawers. Here’s how to do it for your cat (with a tip for monohulls). [More] Setting Up Easy Storage Drawers 
17 days ago
A lifetime disdain for the perceived exclusivity of nose-in-the-air clubs tumbles under the reality of experience.  [More] 5 Things I Love About Our Yacht Club
18 days ago
Even without refrigeration, you can keep fresh veggies for a surprising amount of time by following a few simple rules. [More] Storing Veggies without Refrigeration
21 days ago
You don’t have to pay someone else or wait. Polish your own fuel. It’s easy with a few pieces of useful equipment. Here's how.  [More] Polish Your Fuel The Easy Way – DIY
22 days ago
What do you DO all day, living on a boat? Is it boring when you're at anchor? Is it like chartering? Hour-by-hour summary of a day cruising the Bahamas. [More] Living on a Boat: What Do You Do All Day?
24 days ago
When budgetary concerns guide flexible thinking around what products to use on the boat, there are some surprising results. [More] Non-Marine Boat Ingredients
28 days ago
When you stock up on provisions and spare parts, it’s easy to lose things in every corner of the boat. Learn how to keep from overdoing it.  [More] Are You Over-Provisioning Your Boat?
30 days ago
What you need to know to have a great boat dog. Learn how to take any size dog on your boat, how to keep them safe, and best places to cruise with a dog. [More] Boat Dogs 101
1 month ago
Heading back to Virginia from Vermont makes me think about what's particularly joyous about the cruising lifestyle. [More] Re-entry Lamentations
1 month ago
How much do you really know about ciguatera poisoning? How prevalent is it? How serious is it? What you need to know before you eat another piece of fish. [More] Ciguatera Poisoning
1 month ago
Bugs can make a mess of your boat while you’re working on it. Here’s how to keep them from getting into your thru-hulls. [More] Keep Bugs Out While Working On The Boat
1 month ago
Don't despair because the boat has a tiny refrigerator! Tips for going two weeks or more between grocery stores -it's easier than you think! [More] Living with a Small Refrigerator
1 month ago
When cruising or living on your boat you want to be sure you have enough solar power for your needs. Learn the best way to figure it out. [More] How Much Solar Power Does Your Boat Need?
1 month ago
When cruising friends come visit, the conversation reveals a life philosophy as well as takes us back and forward in time.  [More] Time Travel
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