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1 day ago
Some galley features are annoying. Others are dangerous. Learn what to look for when buying your cruising boat.  [More] Galley Features to Look For
4 days ago
When you move, the decisions you make about what to bring with you aren’t just practical. They’re an invitation to become a whole new person. [More] Sifting and Sorting
8 days ago
Cuts happen. And it’s so easy for them to get infected. Here’s some quick first aid tips we use on our boat.  [More] 4 Ways to Treat Your Cuts Fast
11 days ago
When the work that needs to be done to go cruising is endless, it’s a good idea to leave it behind for a day and just go enjoy being on the water.  [More] Reminders of Why We’re Working So Hard
12 days ago
6 ways that cooking on a boat is different than cooking ashore, and effective ways to meet the challenges [More] Boat Cooking Is Different
15 days ago
A boat’s motion and even dirt particles can cause a big mess in your drinks locker. Here’s how to avoid it. [More] How to Store Drinks Safely Onboard
18 days ago
Food buying, storing, and cooking? No problem! This course will help you tackle it all with ease!  [More] Self-Sufficient Galley is HERE!
22 days ago
A boat’s motion and even dirt particles can cause a big mess in your drinks locker. Here’s how to avoid it.  [More] How to Store Drinks Safely Onboard
25 days ago
Laying out the process we used when choosing who would handle our mail. [More] Choosing a Virtual Mailbox
26 days ago
How to find the cause of a fuel problem on a boat. Symptoms and possible causes, plus step-by-step strategies for finding it. [More] Find a Fuel Problem on a Boat
28 days ago
Staying organized onboard can be a challenge. But here's a nifty App that helps you keep track--of provisions, boat parts, projects, and more. [More] Organize Your Boat Lists with AnyList App
29 days ago
Fresh water is precious on board. Learn about 4 nifty items that can help you waste less water on the boat.  [More] How to Conserve Water on Your Boat
1 month ago
Our recent move made me explore all kinds of places with an eye to reducing our “things” load.  [More] Multiple Avenues To Getting Rid of Stuff
1 month ago
Canned meat goes way beyond tuna casserole. Seven tips to make great meals using canned meat with excellent taste and texture. [More] Using Canned Meat
1 month ago
Your galley is too important for it to make you miserable. Learn how a few simple upgrades can make it work better for you.  [More] Upgrade Your Galley – Enjoy It More
1 month ago
There’s no reason to cook 3 meals a day for every passage. This method works for us.  [More] Tasty Snacks for Boat Passages
1 month ago
6 tips for making fiberglass removal easier. It’s not all in the tools! Links: Shop-vac (Amazon) Tyvek suit (Amazon) Respirator (Amazon) Duct tape (Amazon) Sanding pad for drill (Amazon) 40-grit sandpaper (Amazon) Nica email Carolyn email Prefer to read? Check out Grinding Down Fiberglass.
1 month ago
Five easy, no-cook hot weather meals for when it's over 100 for days on end and you don't have air conditioning. Don't just survive, have great meals! [More] Hot Weather Meals
1 month ago
Boxed milk does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened and can be stored three to six months with no special treatment. [More] Boxed Milk
1 month ago
A boat fridge fills up fast. Why are you keeping these things in it when you don’t have to? Learn to do this instead.  [More] How to Keep Less in Your Boat Fridge
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