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2 days ago
We all like to pick things up while we cruise. How do we choose what we collect? Links: Seabeans Osprey Email Nica Email Carolyn Prefer to read? Check out Collections.
5 days ago
Cruisers say their plans are written in sand . . . at low tide. You never know what a day may bring. We’ve learned to be prepared for anything!  One winter, problems with our engine led to a partial rebuild. Once complete, we did some short day trips and then decided to do a two-day trip to get more […]
9 days ago
Letting time lapse between grocery trips can be challenging - and intensely monetarily rewarding. There's a crazy simple way to rein in your spending [More] My Favorite Way to Stay on Budget
10 days ago
Even a simple boat job can go wrong. One recently had us feeling stupid. Here’s what we learned. Learn from our mistake. [More] Stumped by a Boat Job? Take Another Look
12 days ago
An emergency on the water taught me the importance of always keeping a clean boat. You never know when you'll need to move in a hurry. [More] A Clean Boat Means Less Stress
13 days ago
Yes, you can clear a clogged boat drain without dangerous chemicals. Here's a list of methods to try. [More] Clear Your Slow or Clogged Boat Drain
16 days ago
A random popup ad on my social media feed turned into a soul-searching decision about a new jacket. [More] Simple Consumerism
19 days ago
A tasty fruit topping you can serve many different ways. Plus a way to make it even if you don't have a refrigerator on your boat. [More] Fruit Delight Recipe
23 days ago
Cruising is about the friendships you make (and keep) - but starting the process can feel daunting. Learn three simple tips to making friends! [More] Making Friends While Cruising
24 days ago
boat needs work that can only be done out of the water. Here’s how to haul out without stress [More] Haul Out Your Boat Without Stress
27 days ago
You want to cook something on your boat. But you're missing ingredients. Can you make a smart substitution? YES! [More] Substituting Recipe Ingredients
30 days ago
I talk with Devon and Rich from Sea-Tech Systems about business on board, systems integration of our communications devices, and more! [More] Communications On Board – an interview
1 month ago
Firecracker salad--easy to make ahead and has a real punch of flavor. Perfect for the boat. [More] Firecracker Salad
1 month ago
Do you worry about recovering boat stuff lost in the wind or left behind in a marina? Here’s a fix. [More] Stop Losing Your Boat Gear
1 month ago
Beyond pirates and hurricanes is a more real worry about missing a family emergency. Learn some techniques to help you prepare for this. [More] What Am I Scared Of?
1 month ago
Do you plan to cruise or live on your boat? Then you need insurance. Here's how to start. [More] Insurance If You Live On A Boat–Where To Start
1 month ago
I have a few tricks to help you eat well underway without taking up too much room in your fridge. They’re even better if you don’t have a refrigerator at all.  Links:  Ova-Easy Egg Crystals (Amazon) Media Crema  (Amazon) “Good” Powdered Milk  (Amazon) Prefer to read? Check out Reducing What You Store In The Refrigerator.
1 month ago
When you want an appetizer just a little bit special but still easy to make on a boat--try my easy crab rangoon recipe. And no frying! [More] Crab Rangoon
1 month ago
Worried about crossing the Gulf Stream? No need. Here’s how to plan your route the easy way.  [More] How To Plan Your Gulf Stream Route
1 month ago
Our experience in making the "keep the house or not" call before each of our cruises. [More] The House Question – to sell or no
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