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3 days ago
Here’s how to light a fire in your grill or stove without getting burned. You can even start charcoal without lighter fluid.  [More] Lighting A Fire Without Getting Burnt
4 days ago
Vermont to Virginia is like cruising to land. Not as easy as you might think. [More] Living in 2 Worlds
6 days ago
Seize the every day opportunities to hone your self-reliance skills. [More] Random Self-Sufficiency Moments
10 days ago
A smelly dish rag can make your whole boat (and your hands) stink. Don't let it happen to you. Here's how.     [More] No More Stinky Dish Rags – Here’s How!
13 days ago
Doing a good job stocking your boat for cruising means trusting yourself, even when it comes to food. [More] 3 Provisioning Mistakes I’ve Made
17 days ago
It’s always a good idea to take care of problems early. When you live on a boat, it’s crucial. Here’s why. [More] Don’t Let Problems Wait
20 days ago
A reader-sparked dinner conversation reveals cruising memories and advice from our kids [More] Kid Wisdom on Preparing to Cruise
24 days ago
If you can learn these lessons, you’ll be successful living on a boat and cruising. Or doing nearly anything.   [More] Cruising Lessons That Lead To Success
27 days ago
Why every single photo I post includes the hashtag "cruising prep." [More] #CruisingPrep
30 days ago
Breadfruit can seem scary. But it's easy to prepare with these step-by-step instructions and two recipes to get you started.  [More] How To Cook Breadfruit
1 month ago
Boat tank water can taste "off" after a while. Especially in hot climates. Learn how to filter it for better taste.  [More] Improve Your Tank Water With A Filter
1 month ago
Do you need to find ice, or do you need to find power? Learn why this question matters when you're looking to buy a boat! [More] Difference Between Fridge and Ice Box
1 month ago
Picking the right stainless steel is important on a boat. Even in the galley. Learn how to buy galley stainless that will last. [More] Buying Stainless Gear for the Galley
1 month ago
Boat projects sometimes include removing gear to get it fixed. Learn what we removed and why. [More] Deliberately Making Holes in the Boat
1 month ago
Wondering what galley gear you should buy? One thing to consider is what will help you conserve water.  [More] Choose Water Saving Galley Gear
1 month ago
Stories and recommended fundraisers to help the Abacos after Dorian [More] Hurricane Relief for the Bahamas
1 month ago
What's important to know about going cruising? It's got nothing to do with boat size! [More] 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Left
1 month ago
A hurricane is coming. It may or may not reach your location. How do you make a decision and own it? Here's one cruiser's story. [More] Deciding To Haul Out For A Hurricane – No Regrets
1 month ago
6+1 = 7. But so does 3+4. There are many ways to do things. Here’s why you need to remember that on a boat.  [More] Different Methods. Same Results.
1 month ago
Some snippets of actual conversations we've had over the past few months as we commute between Virginia and Vermont [More] Road Trip Conversations
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