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8 days ago
It’s been seven days since I published my last post. One week. And we all know how the world has transformed in that agonizingly long week. Here’s an image of what that week has looked like for us, a bitter sundae with scoops of anxiety, stress, and fatigue, topped with dissolving dreams, a sprinkle of … Continue reading One Week
16 days ago
Watch the kids' excitement and fascination as they discover so many of the cool animals we saw and learned about in our year in the Sea of Cortez - whales, starfish, anemones, tube worms, and so much more. Be prepared for a few really adorable clips of the kids!
16 days ago
While Tom, Brian, and Roberto stink up the boat in the middle of the Pacific, the kids and I are surrounded by our own smells here in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Carne asada sizzling on sidewalk grills, cinnamony-sweet churros frying in a vat, bright pink flowers powdering their pollen and trees oozing liters of sap, … Continue reading Dulce con Canela! The sounds of La Cruz
21 days ago
Someday I’ll ask Tom to write a piece on the same theme, though he’ll likely have a catchier title because he was the one actually out there. All I can do is evoke an image from the words he has fed me through satellite texts. He and his friends are almost halfway between Mexico and … Continue reading Smells in the Middle of the Ocean
29 days ago
At 9:15 a.m. this morning, Korvessa pulled away from the dock in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. After filling up our two tanks and six jerry cans with diesel, the guys made their way to Nuevo Vallarta for the official checkout with Customs, Immigration, and the Port Captain. Yesterday, getting our pre-departure paperwork ready at the … Continue reading Making the Jump!
1 month ago
In December, we took a day trip from Santa Rosalia up to San Ignacio, a town famous for its 300-year old Jesuit mission. We get to hike through a palm oasis, try dates straight from the palms, explore the beautiful mission and town, and play on a dilapidated truck (Dylan's favorite part).
2 months ago
We are spending our last hour in La Paz right now. We’re headed up to Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida for a last romp in their turquoise waters and red arroyos, but in a few days, when we start that two and a half day sail across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland, … Continue reading A Series of Lasts
2 months ago
Dylan walks us through some of the fun things we saw, did, and learned in our journey down the north part of the Sea of Cortez and our week in Santa Rosalia, a mining town half way down the Sea. We went cave hunting, hiked up a volcano, watched a Parade of Lights, and saw some Mexican creativity at work as a car was removed precariously from the deck of a boat without a ramp.
3 months ago
Dylan tells the story of our nine days in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and the (awesome) Cabrales Boatyard before heading back into the Sea of Cortez for the next leg of our journey. There are repairs to be made, a huge beach to play on, puppies to pet, boatkids to hang out with, and birthdays to be celebrated. It was a great re-entry into Mexico and the cruising life. Plus, Dylan spends a little time behind the GoPro to start learning the ins and outs.
3 months ago
Dylan makes his debut as Korvessa’s new video producer with his first video! Okay, maybe I did the technical work and the editing out of a lot of non-sequitors, but hopefully I can gradually hand over more of the work – including the photography and cinematography – to him over time. He is really excited … Continue reading A New Project!
3 months ago
I have a new partner in video making! Dylan is excited to share videos and pictures of our sailing trip. In his debut, he lets you know where we went and what we did on our road trip from Washington back to our boat waiting for us in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.
4 months ago
The seasons shifted instantly in Anacortes this year. Warm sunny days became cold rainy ones literally overnight one September evening. Just as I began wondering if I was going to have a dry day to mow the lawn in my parents’ yard before we left, the sun came out – and the temperatures plummeted when … Continue reading Unexpected Consequences
6 months ago
Here we are. Visitors in our own hometown, enjoying the familiarity of friends and family and tall green trees, but having nostalgic flashbacks of a desert life of beaches and cacti, of the pervasive smell of sand and salt water, of warm smiles and long walks. And of a cozy sailboat that sits on its … Continue reading Here We Are (Or How to Straddle Two Worlds While Balancing the Weight of a New Diagnosis on Your Head)
8 months ago
What do you call that time when you’ve made a decision but you can’t yet act on it or start it? When there is a big change coming, and all you want to do is fast-forward to that change but can’t? When you’re stuck squarely in between the past and the future and are too … Continue reading The Waiting Time
10 months ago
We left on our voyage one year ago today. One year in, we have visited three countries, over 30 islands, 15 marinas, and countless anchorages. We’ve plied through glassy waters and 15-foot waves. We’ve seen so many animals that we will only mention the ones that win special prizes: Smallest: No-see-um; Biggest: Blue Whale; Most … Continue reading One Year In
10 months ago
I wrote up this destination article for the Kids4Sail newsletter but thought it would also make a good post as it goes into more depth about one of the locations mentioned in my last post. The Sea of Cortez is already a special place with its turquoise anchorages, white sand beaches, and barren red cliffs. … Continue reading Caleta San Juanico
10 months ago
If our winter excursion into the Sea of Cortez was defined by our explorations, our seven-week spring trip into the Sea was defined by our lively social life. It was full of hellos and how-are-yous, but just as equally full of hugs and farewells. It’s not an easy existence to live with the ebb and … Continue reading 7 Social Weeks in the Sea
11 months ago
As I put the final touches on our first video about winter in the Sea of Cortez, I took note of the gray skies, the strong winds, the jackets we donned daily. Only a few short months out from those days, I already feel nostalgic for that fresher air. We may not have been swimming … Continue reading We’re Hot
11 months ago
We had been told that the Sea of Cortez would be too cold for winter cruising, but we stayed anyway for a few months of "cool-weather" exploring. For us Northwesterners, the temperature was great! This video shows a little of what to expect and prepare for if you choose to cruise the Sea of Cortez in the winter months.
11 months ago
Spring has come to the Sea of Cortez. The days are a little hotter, the water a little warmer, and the fish are finally biting. But the biggest difference from the vantage point of our hot teak deck is the crowded anchorages. Long gone are the days of having popular anchorages all to ourselves or … Continue reading A Community on the Water
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