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5 days ago
We had originally planned to sail to our next destination, Astipalea, today. However after staring into the angry waves and getting our faces blown off by the wind yesterday we thought we maybe give the weather another day to calm down, especially since the forecast looked much more friendly on Tuesday. As we were still […]
6 days ago
Somewhat exhausted from the 10 hour sail the day before we set out to find some nice breakfast and check out the local town, Katapola. Katapola is sprinkled around a bay that makes a fantastic natural harbour, with a small ferry terminal and a few restaurants, shops and a tiny beach. We managed to find […]
8 days ago
We both get itchy feet after being “on the hook” for a while. We definitely enjoyed hanging out in Paros, but it started to feel a bit like we were moving in, so we had to go. Today was the day: the winds looked good, and we should have a nice downwind sail from Paros […]
9 days ago
Monday After Cass arrived on Sunday night we kicked off our long overdue catch up sitting in a cocktail bar on the waterfront and watching the sunset (well, you do need to start as you mean to carry on!) For a while now we’ve been debating whether or not to buy a portable generator, and […]
10 days ago
We’ve been on somewhat of a roll lately with our running routine and thought it would be a good idea to get up early and get the run out of the way. When we landed the dinghy in the beach we were surprised to find no path. But hey, that won’t stop us from doing […]
10 days ago
The morning started with a fresh westerly breeze, which meant we were sitting on a lee shore. For our readers who are less nautically inclined, “sitting on a lee shore” basically means that the boat is pretty close to the beach, and the wind is blowing the boat further into the direction of the dreaded […]
14 days ago
Despite Friday apparently being a day on which nothing can happen we thought we’d make the most out of being near civilization and get some washing done. Also, you couldn’t move in the heads anymore due to the laundry growing out of the basket! We found a laundry shop then went to print some paperwork […]
17 days ago
Thursday started as slow as a day can start. We both woke up, realised it was way too early, slept a few more hours, and woke up still groggy. A cup of coffee is usually enough to get us going, especially when it’s that strong delicious stuff that we bought in Syros. Not today though. […]
18 days ago
We’ve been waiting for a day with favourable winds for what feels like an eternity. It’s either been too windy or there’s been no wind at all. But for the most time it’s just been blowing like crazy, which isn’t ideal. We woke up excited to find a gentle breeze rolling into the bay. We […]
20 days ago
Saturday Let’s try again – Koufonisi here we come! The wind and waves looked much more favourable so we set off at around 09:00. Our destination was Pori, a bay at the NE tip which we’d heard was beautiful. The trip was easy enough for the first 8 miles but during the last few the […]
22 days ago
Thursday Where we’d anchored in hindsight wasn’t the best place. We were a safe distance from the rocks however the swell that was rolling in was bouncing off them and rebounding into us. The wind already was blowing 25 knots but by now we’re pretty used to anchoring in a stiff breeze so we found […]
24 days ago
The next island up is called Koufonisi and we’d heard good things about it so we wanted to go. We left the anchorage at 09:00 and motored up and around the top of Schinousa. With the wind being what it is around here there was zero chance of us ever being able to sail this […]
25 days ago
Monday It was really windy on Monday so we took the opportunity to brush up on our knots. With The Knot Bible at the ready we armed ourselves with two pieces of line and started practicing. It was fun for a few hours and we learnt some new tricks but after a while we started […]
28 days ago
This morning we got up early (but not early enough) for a run. By 0830 the sun was already beating down and that combined with the very hilly route made the modest 5km feel like we were running a marathon in the Sahara.  By early afternoon the anchorage was quite busy and because it’s also […]
29 days ago
Looking at the latest forecast the wind was supposed to build late morning so we set off from Ios towards Schinousa, which is an island in the Small Cyclades. These are a group of 4 inhabited islands laying south of Naxos, the largest (Iraklia) is 19 sq km and has a population of just 400. […]
29 days ago
Being in a little cove all by ourselves I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to take some photos with the drone. I dragged poor Tom out of bed before the wind picked up and we were out on deck snapping away by 08:00. It was totally worth it as we got a couple of […]
30 days ago
The day started pretty much as expected, which is: veeery windy. A few boats had found their way into the anchorage over the night and it took a few seconds sticking our heads out of the hatch to figure out what’s going on. Bini was happily sailing back and forth on her anchor, with pretty […]
1 month ago
Sunday The boat was still pretty filthy after her stint at the boat yard, the chrome took it especially badly and every inch was covered in rusty patches. It’s not really until you come to clean it do you realise how much metal there is and it took Tom a good few hours to polish […]
1 month ago
Friday Somehow we must have gotten used to sleeping in a washing machine as we both woke up on Friday morning relatively fresh considering how rolly it’d been. There was still a bit of northerly wind blowing but that was forecast to die down by lunchtime. So we decided to use the residual wind to […]
1 month ago
Monday Phil had told us about a coffee roastery here in the remote bay of Apokofto beach. It seemed an odd place for a roastery so we definitely had to go and check it out. We found it was being run by a young couple with a passion for coffee and they had just opened […]
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