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2 days ago
“Does anyone think it’s ironic that we’re going to wait out a norther in a place called Muertos?”, I asked smugly as we review our travel plans and weather routing back to the Sea of Cortez.  Norther refers to the northern origin of higher wind patterns that in this case were forecasted to hit speeds […]
3 days ago
Muertos is a spot on the southern Baja used by many cruisers as a jump point to go across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland or a target point when jumping from Banderas Bay or Mazatlan.  It’s protected bay is great if riding out northerly’s or just coming in for a night of sleep […]
4 days ago
We came down to Mexico in November with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019, meaning to go back to the US in late March or early April to visit family and get our Visas renewed for another 180-days in Mexico.  With the descent of COVID-19 upon Mexico and the US, we decided not to go home (and […]
4 days ago
Quincy speaks while hiding from a norther...back in Baja again!
7 days ago
Hello peeps! I just realized that I have not updated you guys on what’s been happening, so I will do so in this post. We have moved on from la Cruz and went to Chacala with some friends of ours and after a very rolly night, moved on to Matanchen bay, a very pretty but […]
9 days ago
Can’t give you my story this morning cause we’re at sea, hopefully about halfway across the Sea of Cortez or beyond.  Yep, this is what we do, so off we go-
11 days ago
Old Harbor Mazatlan, a great place for cruisers...especially if you're frugal.
12 days ago
Dogs are stressed out everywhere by the sudden appearance of their owners....all day!
12 days ago
COVID-19 reality forces us to carefully start to change cruising plans so we can bug out!
14 days ago
Coping with World Happenings, One Anchorage At a Time
19 days ago
Three things that may put a dent in any cruisers budget.
20 days ago
Boat kid discusses some of the flora and fauna she's seen while out here on her cruising sailboat.
22 days ago
Leaving La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta MX is bittersweet for us as a family, but it's time to move back to the Sea of Cortez to start exploring it.
25 days ago
Quincy has decided to issue this challenge to all of you: 1-Bag Per Beach Challenge
29 days ago
Four months into cruising, the HelmsMistress reflects on life so far.
1 month ago
Folks who shine a spotlight on smaller blogs are awesome....as they usually run larger blogs and allow smaller bloggers to get noticed.
1 month ago
Quincy hears the Whales!
1 month ago
A confluence of sailing notables in one place at one time....a rare occurrence that's great for a sailing family like us.
1 month ago
One 10-year old's take on pets for boats.
1 month ago
One of the coolest parts of our journey thus far is the opportunity the girls have had to learn about the ocean’s many creatures through live interaction supplemented with presentations by those who are actively researching them and working towards conservation.  Growing up in San Diego, my education on ocean animals came from visits to […]
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