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2 days ago
Kids Corner is a collection of true stories written by a kid on a boat...for kids everywhere-
4 days ago
Catalina Island in the sea-
6 days ago
LF2SF isn't sure they'll make the Ha-Ha as they wrestle with the rebuild of their sailboat engine-
7 days ago
A look into the daily life of a Great Dane as she shows you the FACE OFF!
7 days ago
Want to be financially independent or at least start down that road? This is a great book to read while starting that journey-
9 days ago
So close to Catalina Island....yet so far. Read this cool story through the eyes of a 9-year old.
11 days ago
As a blogger and a sailor who’s working toward earning more bluewater days, I figured it might be important to learn to post to my website via email. Why? Because there’s a possibility that my new Iridium Go might be able to give me email almost anywhere in the world while my new Wave WiFi […]
12 days ago
We went, we saw, we came home! More Weds-
14 days ago
Most of you never get to see the guy who walks and feeds me and runs this boat thingy,,,,so we are!
15 days ago
Yes, it does. This doesn't always mean just cruising, sometimes it means learning by muscle memory and working on particular skills.
16 days ago
Kids Corner Video for kids....by a kid.
17 days ago
Tomorrow is the Kids Corner Video Premiere-
17 days ago
We're getting shared by much larger sites and it's a REAL honor to see our little site getting the attention.
18 days ago
Want some great info on buying or selling a boat? Read this post and the website for more-
18 days ago
This coming Friday will be the premiere of the 1st Kids Corner Video on our YouTube Channel, made by a boat kid for other kids.   Come tune in and check out her video on Friday. 
20 days ago
Even a Great Dane looks for the shade-
26 days ago
This was a great big fun week.  Sometimes the milestones to accomplish the end goal are thrown at you all at once, like they were this past week. First, my wife retired after working for the same organization for 22 years.  She may decide to eventually go back to work, but we know we’re gonna […]
30 days ago
Sometimes I need to slow down and breathe, savoring the moments in life happening around me. Last couple of posts I’ve alluded to how much July would throw at us…..and it has. I’m drinking it up. And, my lack of writing means I’ve been working…a lot. But more important than the boatwork (by far) is […]
1 month ago
Beyond Rubicon...primal hunting at it's best!
1 month ago
Sometimes dogs have resting DOG face too!
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