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Wow, want a great history of British Sea Power, an overall look at pirating and privateering and the rise and fall of France and Spain. This is the book that has all that history!
1 day ago
Seriously, Wings of Fire IN Roblox,,,ya gotta read this post! About video games from a girl on a sailboat-
5 days ago
Although a short/quick read, this is a book with important lessons that you'll probably use the rest of your life!
6 days ago
Quincy's in cruising mode as we slowly head south to La Paz.
7 days ago
Yaar, this most auspicious and fun international holiday is upon us once again and it sort of snuck up on me this year…but not the HelmsMistress, she’s ready and remembered it for me.  Wow, I’m so stoked to actually be out on a cruising sailboat for this holiday, which we plan on celebrating in fine […]
8 days ago
A boat kid dreams of being a gamer!
10 days ago
The HelmsMistress releases her newest video, "Slow Down- Sea of Cortez.
12 days ago
Making lasagna for a hungry crew, using just the sun and limited ingredients on board a cruising sailboat.
14 days ago
Looking back to being a kid here in PE and another year of adventure roaring up on us.
15 days ago
A girls ode to dogs, in her own words
15 days ago
The 10-year old updates you on boat life without internet and her newest fad....the Oculus VR Gaming Rig.
15 days ago
19 years and still poignant.
20 days ago
Quincy Dane reminds you that the two BEST things you can do with this pandemic still raging are to WEAR A MASK AND SOCIALLY DISTANCE!
21 days ago
Hmmm, the Anchoring Game finally explained in writing by someone!
22 days ago
The MineCraft Diva looks into the Herobrine Legend. Kids Corner...written entirely by a kid!
22 days ago
Ready for the last in our series of SKY YouTube videos? Well, here it is.
24 days ago
We show our girls how this shallow shipwreck went from wreck to reef.
26 days ago
It's not as glamorous as it seems.
29 days ago
Yep, more memes but this one will actually be very funny! YouTube video made by a 10-year old on a boat.
1 month ago
Becoming a cruiser means becoming a part of a whole new culture.  Along with that culture comes new language, a unique history to explore and all new proverbs and idioms to guide you: “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight; red sky in the morning sailors take warning”, “Fair winds and Following seas” etc.  There are […]
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