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1 day ago
Great Danes are huge giant-breed dogs who are not seen on many boats...except ours.
4 days ago
We’re still waiting on the engine to get put back into the boat.  I’m sure many folks who own boats have gone through the same thing, but in our case it seems particularly frustrating because we still want to head out with Baja Ha-Ha….in two weeks.  Not sure we’ll make it; but in the meantime […]
8 days ago
Big Dog on a Small Bed!
10 days ago
The authors tenth birthday and inspiration from the sailing vessel "Totem"
12 days ago
We’re at less than 30 days till Baja Ha-Ha and still want to go. Great news is that our new sails came in yesterday. They’re not on yet, but they’re here. Now, we need our engine back in our boat so we can test it, get the valves readjusted and done and motor out with […]
12 days ago
Yep, finally proof that I cook veggies on the Big Green Egg
14 days ago
Cool sign in a beach community-
15 days ago
A quick note to reach out to all of you…who read my posts, support my website and keep coming back to read again.  We’ve got friends and family who read this site, boat neighbors, contacts and folks from all over the world.  What started in 2014 has blossomed into a full fledged website with followers […]
15 days ago
Have you heard...Great Danes like to sleep...alot.
16 days ago
Even smaller projects and provisioning take a bite out of your time, don't overlook these smaller projects.
17 days ago
Yep, when we have internet we play SKY just like other kids-
18 days ago
We’re 5 1/2 weeks with no engine in our 51-foot sailboat. Thus we can’t get out of the marina, can’t go sailing or much adventuring…cause we’re waiting on baited breath for every call from the mechanic. The latest updates put us all the way into the last weeks of Oct…meaning it’s likely we’ll have to […]
21 days ago
gotta have good seasoning and consistent heat for perfect chops on the Egg!
22 days ago
Great Danes sleep and lounge ALOT, but when they have their 10 bursts of energy, they might be on alert!
22 days ago
We're not smuggling anything, but we've found some unique storage space for our coir bricks.
23 days ago
WTF, is LF2SF Smuggling or what?
24 days ago
She's a 4th Grader talking to kids about boat life.
26 days ago
This is a re-post of camping in the Maine Woods.  JDR runs a site called: “Weird Guy With a Dog“…and he’s a long-haul trucker.  More importantly, he takes some of the best nature pictures I’ve seen in a very long time, of Maine but also from his cross country travels by truck.  I’ve been camping […]
26 days ago
Part of Blogging is working to get folks outside your niche interested in what you’re writing about…no matter what your medium is.  However, I know plenty of folks who don’t identify as bloggers but they have a travelogue, blog, website, video links ect.  These mediums are fun and cool,,,so I’m re-posting this link from “It’s […]
27 days ago
Even when you’re slow...if you’re out in the fray giving heroic effort...credit’s due.
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