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Team Galapagos has finally reached escape velocity and has left La Paz. We always enjoy our time here; under normal conditions La Paz is a fun place to hang out with great walking, dining and provisioning. But these are far … Continue reading
8 days ago
As this current world situaton with Covid-19 drags on, the psychotherapist in me begins to be pretty worried about your mental health. Sitting here in La Paz, where I read this morning Mexico is reporting 7 confirmed cases of the … Continue reading
14 days ago
Here’s an update to our decision making process as we move through this unstable time. The only thing that is stable is that we have no plan and we’re sticking to it. Or rather, we have many plans and aren’t … Continue reading
17 days ago
So this wasn’t our year for crossing the Pacific to French Polynesia. We made the decision to put off that trip for a number of reasons, but apparently even if we had been ready to go, the Corona Virus would … Continue reading
25 days ago
Suzanne Sommers really missed the boat with her design of the thigh master. You remember that contraption: it was basically a big figure 8 folded in middle at a 90 degree angle. You placed the wings between your knees and … Continue reading
1 month ago
  We made it to Santa Rosalia from Isla San Pedro Martir in one long and tiring day. After a pretty fabulous fast downwind sail where we saw speeds pushing 8 knots (under two reefed sails, mind you), we rode … Continue reading
1 month ago
“Whoa! Look behind you!”, I yelled at Mike, who was at the helm of our little Portland Pudgy dinghy. “We’ve got company and they’re here to party!” Snugly anchored at the base of the big cliffs of Isla San Pedro … Continue reading
1 month ago
Here we are again: at anchor in San Carlos, ready to rumble but the weather is giving us no love. We splashed Galapagos bright and early, taking advantage of a two hour window of calm before the next blow came … Continue reading
3 months ago
I am in my old home town of Martin Tennessee, visiting family this week.  It is cold and rainy, a good day to revisit warmer days in my journal. Melissa and I have been keeping journals since we began cruising … Continue reading
5 months ago
Ah, San Carlos. Could you make life any easier? Well, sure. I mean we could be in a condo. That would be way easier. But here we are at anchor in the bay in San Carlos getting things done while … Continue reading
5 months ago
While traveling in the Sea of Cortez, the crew of S/V Galapagos almost always throws a couple of fishing lines in the water, hoping for dinner. Usually we troll a rubber squid on one line, and maybe a Rapala on … Continue reading
6 months ago
We are back in cruising mode and if you believe in signs and portents,  this season is headed in the right direction. We are already firmly in fun mode. After our month hunkered down against the heat and humidity in … Continue reading
6 months ago
Although we have a little apartment in San Carlos, I still spend a lot of time down at the boat. I like to go down in the morning when it is still sort of cool and have my coffee in … Continue reading
7 months ago
I’m not going to lie: Life is pretty good right now sitting in a little condo that, while very modest by our standards, is air conditioned and comes complete with a salt water pool and spa. I am having a … Continue reading
7 months ago
Recently I was reading this really entertaining, if a bit anxiety provoking, story I found on It’s a story about a young couple who wanted to experience life on the road, #vanlife style. They wanted an “authentic” experience, one with … Continue reading
7 months ago
I just logged into this site for the first time in weeks and suddenly the website insisted I prove my humanity. I mean, Okay.  Make me do math to prove I have a brain and not a bunch of circuits. … Continue reading
8 months ago
Here’s a fun fact: it gets hot in Mexico during the summer.  We have planned on staying aboard Galapagos the last two summers but when push comes to shove, we head north. So to escape the hot Mexican sun for … Continue reading
9 months ago
We were at anchor at Playa Bonanza on the back side of Isla Espiritu Santo having just come off a three night passage from Isla Isabella.  We were both ready for a rest.  Alas. Life can be unfair. I was … Continue reading
10 months ago
Back in the Sea of Cortez, we are finally finding our groove. Yeah, it’s been awhile since we felt this way. We are in a nice routine of relaxing over breakfast in the morning, then getting our snorkeling gear on … Continue reading
10 months ago
There are literally no words that adequately describe that feeling when you slip into the cool water at the end of a long day and realize a ‘bucket list’ experience is unfolding around you. Awesome? It’s overused. Fantastic? Trite. Thrill … Continue reading
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