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1 day ago
I went to Kansas, bought two horses and rode them to Oregon - this is just audio - there are a few pictures on my website but the images on your head are better. You can download the MP3 here https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/keepturningleft/Oregon+Trail+01+a+hack+out+west.mp3
2 days ago
because I posted this film here it now belongs to google in perpetuity and in the known and as yet unknown universes - they need the money
9 days ago
on the river tomorrow - weather permitting
10 days ago
so, does a three hour ebike ride count as excercise? does a row on the river count? does sailing count?
11 days ago
It is still cold and bright and windy - we have two more days of this chilly blast before the wind swings to the south - then I can go sailing
16 days ago
the first case in the village of 400 souls was reported this evening....
17 days ago
1 month ago
4 months ago
Part 2 is in another place..... sorry for the inconvenience but youtube/google ate all the pies. https://www.keepturningleft.co.uk/
4 months ago
sorry about this... the hd version of this film is in another place - in the mean time here is a 2.5 million hitting sailing film to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRgpyYHgyWU
4 months ago
4K version available in another place
4 months ago
for a 4K version of this film please go to https://www.keepturningleft.co.uk/ where you will find a better version delivered via vimeo, some lovely stills, a bit of chat from other sailors and a link to a 4K version costing $1. just to bring you up to speed. 11 years ago at age 52 I bought an 18 foot mirror offshore on the isle of wight. I sailed that to Norfolk over the next five years, then I bought a 22 foot Hunter Minstrel and sailed that from Norfolk to Edinbugh. The n I bought a 26 westerly centaur and sailed that over the top of scotland to Glasgow where I ran out of money and sold her. Two years later I bought another centaur with the aim of sailing her to scotland and picking up where I left off. https://www.keepturningleft.co.uk/
4 months ago
to watch this film in HD (and some of the others in 4K) please go to my website https://www.keepturningleft.co.uk/ This one is free in HD - all the other films are available free as low bandwidth versions - ideal for watching on a phone. They will also work on your tablet or laptop - but they will look a bit soupy if you expand the window too much. I know this is not as easy or convenient as youtube - for either of us.. Youtube is an astonishingly wonderful platform. I spend hours watching it - I get most of my American news from i. t there are some wonderful sailing series on it - try these people - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX3cXcNfHLw But for the sort of films I make, at 10,000 views per film youtube is no longer working.... I understand there is a canal boater who is making a pretty good fist of charging per film - he charges £1. I thought a dollar per film would be a good place to start. None of the recent films have any music in them at all - all natural sounds recorded on location. The films stand up pretty well to being viewed on a big telly - none of them are without faults, there is no drone footage and the google earth shots need more work - however the sailing is honest and natural - and the commentary is often quite good. Sorry about disabling the comments on this film..... if you want a rant - then come over to my place.
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