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1 day ago
Hang around with cruisers, and sooner or later someone will say, "Never buy a boat with...". Should we listen? John shares how to decide, and examines the choice between encapsulated and bolt on keels.
3 days ago
A new-old source for pre-made Dacron jacklines as well as the webbing to make them DIY.
6 days ago
For nearly 20 years billionaires have been promising that worldwide, fast, always on, and reasonably priced internet, that we could use anywhere on our boats, was just around the corner, but now Matt makes a convincing case that we really will see this soon, and why things are different and better this time. Most important of all, he explains what we need to do to get ready.
12 days ago
There is endless debate about the effectiveness of moisture meters. Here are the facts from Steve D' Antonio, who has used one for decades, together with some thoughts from John.
16 days ago
There has been a lot of excitement in the offshore cruising world about Iridium Next, the long promised, and now completed, new constellation of satellites for the system that has, for the last 20 years, been the only viable world wide satellite communication system for yachts owned by anyone other than the super-rich. But does Next really change anything?
19 days ago
John will be at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis and appearing in a panel discussion. Here are the details.
22 days ago
Whenever the subject of buying a boat comes up, the horror stories about surveys that failed to find serious, or even catastrophic, structural problems are sure to follow. John interviews industry expert Steve D'Antonio to learn how to avoid having our very own survey horror story.
26 days ago
Sure, electronic navigation is great, but blindly relying on it, and on those who develop plotter software, could put us on the rocks.
30 days ago
When researching buying a cruising boat, we are deluged with information on all the gear she must have and how perfect she must be before we can go cruising. But is that really true? How about buying an old and tired boat and just getting out there? John tells his story of going cruising in a half-assed boat...and having one of the best times in his life. Will this work for you? He shares tips on how to decide.
1 month ago
Phyllis and I will be going on part two of our summer holidays (vacation) for ten days starting Monday, September 9th.
1 month ago
Andy, of 59˚North, shares his hard-won drone-flying secrets so that you can get the same cool video and stills while sailing offshore that he does.
1 month ago
So is it possible to get a real offshore cruising boat for around US$100,000, ready to go? John suggests a possibility for those willing to go smaller and older.
1 month ago
John has decades of navigation experience, much of it in fog, but there is always more to learn, particularly when single-handing an unfamiliar boat.
1 month ago
John, inspired my a near miss, shares vital tips to avoid a collision in fog.
2 months ago
In the final part of Colin's series on coastal passagemaking, he and his crew cross to Scotland and wend their way through beautiful, but challenging, tidal straits to the finish. Colin then provides us with a succinct summary of the lessons learned, winding up a series that provides all of us the tools to plan and execute even the most difficult passages in a seamanlike manner.
2 months ago
So what boat size is optimal for offshore voyaging? There is no one number. Rather, we must understand our own expectations before we can zero in on that. John tells the story of a smart guy that saved him from getting this wrong.
2 months ago
John appeared on Andy and Mia's popular podcast On The Wind for the third time. Here are the details.
2 months ago
When last we left Colin and his crew at the end of Part 3, they had just crossed the Celtic Sea and finessed both the tide at Lands End and and their Landfall in Ireland—all good results based on the planning that Colin covered in Part 1 and Part 2. Now, in Part 4 they make some early starts and bring Scotland in sight.
2 months ago
Phyllis and John have spent the last few months researching buying a smaller cruising boat. Here's what they have learned so far. Also some thoughts on getting a good survey.
2 months ago
John's back from his one week busman's holiday (vacation) single-handing a borrowed boat on a whistle stop tour of the Bay of Fundy.
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