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3 days ago
Anyone can get seasickness. But a few tricks will help you prevent it. Or recover quickly if you’re already ailing. Here’s how.  [More] How to Prevent and Cure Seasickness
6 days ago
Finding commercial options sometimes isn't possible. Learn how we managed a very doable DIY finish for our refit! [More] Cheater Tongue and Groove
7 days ago
A dinghy drift or raft-up is a floating party -- generally for happy hour and a gorgeous sunset, shared with friends. How to make it happen! [More] Dinghy Drift
10 days ago
You’ll use your stove a lot. Do you need an oven? A broiler? How many burners? Here’s what to think about.  [More] Choose the Best Galley Stove for You
13 days ago
Stocking up with food can be expensive. Don't be tempted to only buy in bulk. [More] Provisioning Lesson
16 days ago
Many people go cruising in their early retirement years, but can you keep cruising at 75+? What does it take? [More] Cruising When Older
17 days ago
Don’t waste your time. Use these tips to make your boat and your pictures attract the right buyer.   [More] How to Sell Your Boat
20 days ago
Tracking numbers (dollars and hours of time) as we get ready for our extended cruise. There is a lot that goes into preparation. [More] February 2020 Cruising Prep Expenses
21 days ago
Three ways to reduce what's in the refrigerator -- essential for living with a small refrigerator, whether in a boat, RV or off the grid. [More] Reduce What’s In The Refrigerator
23 days ago
How much stuff do you really need on board your cruising boat? Probably not everything you think. Learn how to choose what to keep and what to donate. [More] Don’t Weigh Your Boat Down with Stuff
27 days ago
Make one decision about a boat project and a few others reveal their heads. Follow along with the realities of cruising prep!  [More] Delays Associated With Decision Creep
28 days ago
If you don't have a refrigerator or don't have space in it, one simple rule lets you keep open mayonnaise in the cupboard.  [More] Do You Need to Refrigerate Mayonnaise?
1 month ago
Fitting two people into a tiny boat space to make a repair is a recipe for stress. Here are some tips to make it go easier.  [More] Find a Helping Hand Without the Stress
1 month ago
Hospital whiteboard communication provided ample fodder for conversation and thinking. [More] Life Questions From Heart Surgery
1 month ago
Cruisers know that things break on the boat when you least expect it. Luckily, with this guide, you’re more likely to be able to fix it yourself. [More] The Mechanical Guide Every Cruiser Needs
1 month ago
People who doubt you'll achieve your dreams are downers.  [More] The Sting of Doubt
1 month ago
Tired of your dinghy engine kill switch stopping your engine at the wrong time? Or worse, not using it at all? I have the solution. [More] How to Use Your Dinghy Kill Switch
1 month ago
A guide to the five most frequent signs of carburetor trouble, the underlying trouble, and how to fix each one. Most don't require a new carb! [More] Carburetor Troubleshooting
1 month ago
Boat cards are a quick way to exchange info without writing it out each time. They're your calling cards. What should be on yours? [More] Boat Cards
1 month ago
Car rides, conversations, and creating a daunting overview of what we're doing to the boat. [More] Don’t Leave Out Any Projects
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