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Quincy doesn't want us or you to get burned when you start going outside again...so she wants you to use good sunscreen to protect yourself.
1 day ago
*Prologue:  Sitting in the cockpit during this still morning in the Sea of Cortez, Tulum is once more at anchor in a quiet bay.  This is the Sea of Cortez I remember from living on a boat as a kid….here…in this same bay more than 40 years ago.  I think Tulum is happiest sitting at […]
2 days ago
This Guacamole Recipe is bitchin and I eat it all the time…. give it a shot…you’ll love it: From our 8-year old….her favorite Guacamole Recipe: I honestly love guacamole because it’s one of the delights here in Mexico, and IT’S JUST YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I know, I know. ‘’Get off the yumminess Kellyn. So let’s go […]
3 days ago
Here's how we should save our planet!
4 days ago
Dealing with COVID in beautiful places is still....dealing with COVID.
6 days ago
Wanna renew your Visa without leaving Mexico during the COVID Crisis?....here’s some basic info-
7 days ago
When we get the luxury of a slip, walks off the boat are a highlight for Quincy.
8 days ago
Perhaps the pelicans can teach you something about living for the moment?
9 days ago
Minecraft secrets from a kid gamer.....stuck on a boat!
17 days ago
Stuff the Kids Like Right Now
18 days ago
Have you ever been on a plastic-free beach?
21 days ago
LF2SF would love to get an emergency IN-N-OUT Order delivered to Baja....anyone?
22 days ago
Boat life for a dog isn't always what you think it is-
23 days ago
Long-Term Provisioning Should Be Continuous When It's Safe To Do
24 days ago
Book Review: From the Wings of Fire Series: Darkstalker By Tui T. Sutherland If you’re one to like a tragic tale of love, power, revenge, and above all, friendship; then this is the book for you! First, there’s a dark side. Darkstalker demonstrates his enormous power to Clearsight, and this is just the tip of the […]
25 days ago
Back to the beauty of the Sea of Cortez.
25 days ago
North We Go
28 days ago
Quincy's ok with self-isolation
29 days ago
God, I love gin-clear water under my keel.
30 days ago
Nice To Play WHEN you have WiFi- Happy Friday-
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