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2 days ago
Lately we have been noticing these little white flakes all over the cockpit and on the surfaces below. What the hell is this stuff, we want to know. It looks like latex paint that has flaked off but we cannot … Continue reading
3 days ago
We have reached the next level of game play here on Galapagos. This is the level where all the sunny skies and lovely sailing are behind you and what’s left is all of the endurance without the fun (except we … Continue reading
5 days ago
We are on day 8 of this long passage, about 2 weeks to go. We were talking last night and reflecting together about how it doesn’t seem like it’s already been a week since we left the islands. Here on … Continue reading
7 days ago
Today was a banner day aboard Galapagos. I found a paper bag with 4 onions inside. I had stowed it under the floorboards in the salon. Lately it was looking like we were already down to our last two onions … Continue reading
9 days ago
Good morning, world. Almost halfway to our second waypoint, Galapagos is sailing under a double reefed main and a reefed genoa in 18-20 knots of wind. Yesterday was a challenging day as winds and wave height increased through the day … Continue reading
11 days ago
When Andrew and Jill were aboard Galapagos Jill had her first overnight passage on our boat. She wrote an excellent post called Baby’s First Passage (which maybe she can link to in a comment below?). Now that name has stuck … Continue reading
18 days ago
We dropped anchor at the stroke of midnight under the watchful presence of Volcano Barceno. Sailing under a full moon the sky was bright enough for us to feel comfortable anchoring at night, considering the cove is wide open with … Continue reading
21 days ago
In a 24 hour period our distance made good is about 105 miles. We are now sailing close winded which certainly isn't Galapagos' best point of sail but we are further south than we would like to be and are … Continue reading
26 days ago
“Did you feed your pet this morning?” This is Mike’s question as I pop my head up the companionway, coffee in hand, ready to listen to the VHF radio net which is our morning entertainment. There is a certain comfort … Continue reading
30 days ago
Okay, well we are in the countdown to our final day here in Mexico and it’s unsettling to think of it. We’ve grown a little attached to the pre-Corona Virus Mexico. It’s almost like we’ve lived here for a couple … Continue reading
1 month ago
I have to say this: so far this year our timing has been, while accidental, impecable. But today, the pandemic groundswell of closures finally caught up with us and the fun/suck ratio is now tipped firmly over onto the side … Continue reading
1 month ago
Today it occured to me that Easter is a perfect holiday for a pandemic. It’s not lost on us that right now much of the world, increasingly including Mexico, is living in a kind of purgatory between times. The world … Continue reading
1 month ago
When we dropped anchor at isla isabela we thought it would be for only a day. The protection here is limited and we have had northwest winds in the teens and twenties our whole stay with accompanying waves and swell. … Continue reading
1 month ago
We have learned that the last two posts from the satellite hotspot were not readable, probably because I attempted to include a photo in the post. I’ll fix those when we get to within cell range. In the meantime here … Continue reading
1 month ago
About twenty minutes after I sent yesterday's post into the ether I realized that whining about not being able to snorkel because of the virus was pretty tone deaf. In light of the suffering and death brought about by this … Continue reading
1 month ago
Our stay in los Frailes was a disappointment. As soon as Melissa and I got into the water to snorkel on the nearby reef, a park ranger came by and told us the park was closed due to the pandemic. … Continue reading
1 month ago
It was another day of motoring from Los Muertos to Bahia Los Frailes. What wind we had was almost, but not quite on the nose. Sometimes a sailboat is nothing more than a trawler with a stick. And no fish … Continue reading
1 month ago
Light winds and a favorable current tamed the Cerralvo channel for us today. Still, a long day of motoring. We broke a long dry spell when we caught a nice Spanish mackerel, presently residing in our bellies along with fresh … Continue reading
1 month ago
Team Galapagos has finally reached escape velocity and has left La Paz. We always enjoy our time here; under normal conditions La Paz is a fun place to hang out with great walking, dining and provisioning. But these are far … Continue reading
2 months ago
As this current world situaton with Covid-19 drags on, the psychotherapist in me begins to be pretty worried about your mental health. Sitting here in La Paz, where I read this morning Mexico is reporting 7 confirmed cases of the … Continue reading
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