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3 days ago

Back in Canada I’ve been in Canada about a month now, and been putting off writing this post for a few reasons – I was exhausted for a while and then I was waiting to see how things shook out before I put anything down on paper. Ottawa is fine, I’ve been working at my […]

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1 month ago

We hung out at Los Muertos for a week, waiting for weather. It’s a nice place, but us and the other eight or so boats in the bay were all rather on edge, waiting to hear what would happen. The morning HF net brought more news of closures every day, so we were getting worried […]

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1 month ago

No matter which of the three options I chose from, I’d need to move the boat north to the La Paz area again. It’d be a better area to leave for Canada from, it’s the entrance to the sea of cortez if I was staying and it has some good places to leave the boat […]

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1 month ago
Heading North from La Cruz
1 month ago
Crossing Gulf of California, this guy came and hung out for a few minutes by the bow
1 month ago
It was lumpy but a fast last day, after two days of 40 mile days
1 month ago

Well, since my plans to cross to French Polynesia are basically not happening this year (their borders are closed, along with almost every other country in the south pacific) the thing now is to decide what to do next (lots of time to do that while self-isolating on the boat). There are basically three options […]

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2 months ago

So I got most of the boat projects knocked off, Liz came down and was ready to cross with me (I decided I did not like solo passages) and we did a huge provisioning run, getting two months worth of tinned food We did this by moving the boat to a marina near a costco […]

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2 months ago
Just a friendly guy cruising around
2 months ago

This post is pretty delayed in me posting it as I got pretty busy, so… yeah. Most of it was written a couple of weeks ago but time to catch up! After returning to Bandaras Bay and having Emma leave, it was time to get serious about leaving. My plan was to leave at the […]

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2 months ago

After arriving in San Blas (and having a sleep), Boomerang and I went to Chacala, a small Mexico beach town. It’s great here, but the swell rolls into the bay and so a stern anchor is needed to avoid being rolled to death once the wind switches. The boat next to me (with noone on […]

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2 months ago
At Isla Isabel, with a barracuda silhouetted
2 months ago

After dropping off Liz at Loreto (the furthest North I got), I returned back to Coronado Island and met my BBF (best boat friends forever) Jo and Barry on Boomarang and their friends on Hajime. However, not much socialising was done as 30 knot winds swept through the anchorage meaning everyone decided to stick on […]

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2 months ago
Humpback whale call and response between a mother and a calf. You can hear a loud signal, followed by a much quieter one and as we'd seen mother/calf humpbacks all over the place near the anchorage, so that's what my guess was. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Bonus appearance from what I think is a Scrawled Filefish!
3 months ago

After leaving Isla Espirito we headed North, to a small fishing village called San Evaristo. This is on a small, picturesque bay with a small shop and restaurant. We anchored to the North of the village, behind a big ol’ hill as strong southern winds were expected for the next couple of days. We decided […]

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4 months ago

After leaving Lobos Rock we heading to Espirito Santa which is an island 15 miles North of La Paz. It is a park and so has limitations on commercial fishing, tourism etc. Side note – it really feels like Mexico manages their fisheries a LOT better than Canada does – there are a lot of […]

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5 months ago

Bit late on this, but while I was in Mazatlan this October I got a dodger (sprayhood for UK sailors, the ‘windshield bit at the front’ for everyone else) built! I haven’t had a dodger since the ratty one that came with the boat, that didn’t let the main be sheeted down fully because it […]

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5 months ago

Sorry about the long gap – there is basically zero connectivity in the sea of cortez. I’ve queued up a few updates over the next few days however! After finally getting into La Paz after a week and a half of misadventure, we were ready for a rest. The plan was to get all of […]

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